CK Health & Fitness - Chris Keseling (Columbia, TN) - personal fitness trainer and holistic health & nutrition coach

Client Spotlight: CK Health & Fitness with Chris Keseling (Personal Trainer & Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach)

Bowen Digital is so very excited to come alongside Chris Keseling, CK Health & Fitness to support his digital marketing efforts with a geo-targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan & implementation by leveraging a hyper-local approach to SEO in order to help his brand become prominently positioned within the Search Engine Results Page by users[…]

Gateway Worship Releases Studio Single, ‘Give Me Your Peace’

Bowen Digital celebrates with Gateway Worship the release of the new studio single, “Give Me Your Peace” Gateway Worship is a collective of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters and others committed to leading the church body into a place of intimate worship and an understanding of the power of the word of God expressed in music.[…]

New Christian Mindfulness Journals from Browns Crossroads Publishing

Bowen Digital welcomes Browns Crossroads Publishing! With Christmas just around the corner, Browns Crossroads Publishing is thrilled to launch the NEW Christian Mindfulness Journals. These great little notebooks are sure to help you capture those moments of gratitude occurring during the day…and throughout the year. Shop Now at Browns Crossroads Publishing on Amazon!