Digital Marketing

Trusted digital marketing services designed to…

  • increase your website’s traffic,
  • promote your brand,
  • generate leads,
  • help you reach your goals by growing your business.

Your web presence and business goals are unique to your company. ?Bowen Digital delivers a?personal and tailored service that is valued by each and every one of my clients, big or small.

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Search and Social Ads (SEM/PPC:Pay-per-click)

Online advertising sets the state for brands and businesses to reach beyond their existing networks into new highly targeted audience via search, display and social advertising. Bowen Digital works to deliver the best return on investment (ROI) through strategic planning, and ongoing campaign optimization, measurement and reporting.

  • PPC marketing is a very effective tool to delivers great results.
  • Paid Search Advertising – paid listings on Google AdWords (traditional and mobile) moves your website into the view of your potential customers within days.


Advanced Analytics and Monitoring

Bowen Digital helps companies doing business online access the data available in order for these business professionals to become more accountable by providing necessary feedback to marketing using in-depth analysis to improve business outcomes. ?My services within this area covers the various aspects of Google Analytics, from initial set up, to training – customer advanced tracking, monitoring and reporting in order to maximize your marketing spend.

  • ?Establish metrics based on website analysis and patterns in the behavior of website visitors to track improvements related to your business goals.
  • Measure the impact of marketing activities with detailed recommendation for adjustments necessary to achieve the determine business goals
  • Report insights and trends that can be leveraged to maximize results


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ?

As your organic traffic continues to grow, Bowen Digital will gradually shift more focus and attention toward conversion rate optimization, so your increased traffic and user engagement begin to translate to more dollars earned.

  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Consulting & optimizing landing pages

Contact me today for a free consultation based on your needs to learn more about the results you can expect from Bowen Digital.